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qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.inputfiles.Particle Class Reference

Particle (ion or electron) More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, kwargs)
 Initialize a Particle. More...

Static Public Attributes

list in_args = ['T', 'n', 'At', 'An', 'type', 'anis', 'danisdr']

Detailed Description

Particle (ion or electron)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.inputfiles.Particle.__init__ (   self,

Initialize a Particle.

Usually it is better to create an Electron or Ion instead.

TTemperature in keV
nDensity in 10^19 m^-3 for electrons, relative factor to electron denisity for ions
AtNormalized logarithmic temperature gradient
A_t(R/T) * (dT/dr)
AnNormalized logarithmic density gradient
A_n(R/n) * (dn/dr)
type1: Active
3Passing at ion scales
anisTemperature anisotropy T_perp / T_para at LFS
danisdrRadial gradient of temperature anisotropy
   Kwargs (ion only):
AiIon mass in amu
ZiIon charge in e

Member Data Documentation

◆ in_args

list qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.inputfiles.Particle.in_args = ['T', 'n', 'At', 'An', 'type', 'anis', 'danisdr']

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