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qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.inputfiles.QuaLiKizXpoint.Meta Class Reference

Wraps variables that stay constant during the QuaLiKiz run. More...

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def __init__ (self, kwargs)
 Initialize Meta class. More...

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Detailed Description

Wraps variables that stay constant during the QuaLiKiz run.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.inputfiles.QuaLiKizXpoint.Meta.__init__ (   self,

Initialize Meta class.

phys_methFlag for additional calculation of output parameters
coll_flagFlag for collisionality
rot_flagFlag for rotation [0, 1, 2]
verboseFlag for level of output verbosity
separatefluxFlag for toggling output of separate ITG, TEM, ETG fluxes
write_primiFlag to write QuaLiKiz primitives to file
numsolsNumber of requested solutions
relacc1Strict relative accuracy, usually for 1D integrals
relacc2Loose relative accuracy, usually for 2D integrals
absacc1Strict absolute accuracy, usually for 1D integrals
absacc2Loose absolute accuracy, usually for 2D integrals
maxrunsNumber of runs jumping directly to Newton between contour checks
maxptsNumber of integrant evaluations done in 2D integral
timeoutUpper time limit [s] for wavenumber/scan point solution finding
ETGmultMultpliers for ETG saturation level
collmultMultiplier for collisionality
R0Geometric major radius [m] used for normalizations

Member Data Documentation

◆ in_args

Initial value:
= OrderedDict([
('phys_meth' , 2),
('coll_flag' , True),
('rot_flag' , 0),
('verbose' , True),
('separateflux' , False),
('write_primi' , True),
('numsols' , 3),
('relacc1' , 1e-3),
('relacc2' , 2e-2),
('absacc1' , 0),
('absacc2' , 0),
('maxruns' , 1),
('maxpts' , 5e5),
('timeout' , 60),
('ETGmult' , 1),
('collmult' , 1),
('R0' , None),
('simple_mpi_only', 0),
('integration_routine', 1),

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