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qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun Namespace Reference


class  PathException
 Exception thrown when a path should be absolute, but it is not. More...
class  QuaLiKizBatch
 A collection of QuaLiKiz Runs. More...
class  QuaLiKizRun
 Defines everything needed for a single run of QuaLiKiz. More...


def equal_ignore_order (a, b)
 Use only when elements are neither hashable nor sortable! More...
def overwrite_dialog (path, overwrite=None)
def overwrite_prompt (path, overwrite=None)
 Prompt user if file/path can be overwritten. More...
def create_folder_prompt (path, overwrite=None)
 Overwrite folder prompt. More...
def run_to_netcdf (path, runmode='dimx', overwrite=None, genfromtxt=False, keepfile=True, encode=None, extra_squeeze=None, Te_var='Te', verbose=False, metareldir=python_debugdir)
 Convert a QuaLiKizRun to netCDF. More...
def qlk_from_dir (dir, batch_class=QuaLiKizBatch, run_class=QuaLiKizRun, verbose=False, prioritize_batch=True, kwargs)


 logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
int threads_per_task = 1

Function Documentation

◆ create_folder_prompt()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.create_folder_prompt (   path,
  overwrite = None 

Overwrite folder prompt.

overwriteIf None, prompt user. If True, overwrite and if False, throw Exception. None by default

◆ equal_ignore_order()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.equal_ignore_order (   a,

Use only when elements are neither hashable nor sortable!

◆ overwrite_dialog()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.overwrite_dialog (   path,
  overwrite = None 

◆ overwrite_prompt()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.overwrite_prompt (   path,
  overwrite = None 

Prompt user if file/path can be overwritten.

overwriteIf None, prompt user. If True, overwrite and if False, throw Exception. None by default
True if user wants to overwrite

◆ qlk_from_dir()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.qlk_from_dir (   dir,
  batch_class = QuaLiKizBatch,
  run_class = QuaLiKizRun,
  verbose = False,
  prioritize_batch = True,

◆ run_to_netcdf()

def qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.run_to_netcdf (   path,
  runmode = 'dimx',
  overwrite = None,
  genfromtxt = False,
  keepfile = True,
  encode = None,
  extra_squeeze = None,
  Te_var = 'Te',
  verbose = False,
  metareldir = python_debugdir 

Convert a QuaLiKizRun to netCDF.

pathPath of the run folder to netcdfize. Should contain the debug, output and output/primitive folders.
runmodeRunmode of netcdfizing. If orthogonal, fold the dataset as an hyperrectangle. Any dimx will extract the values in a 1D array.
overwriteOverwrite existing netcdf file. Prompt user by default
genfromtxtUse genfromtxt instead of loadtxt. Slower and loads unreadable values as nan
keepfileKeep read ASCII files. Highy recommended!
encodeDefault encoding. This encoding will be added to all variables. Compresses (zlib) by default.
extra_squeezeList of coordinates to move to data_vars, see squeeze_dataset
Te_varWhich variable to use as Te dimension e.g. Nustar [default: Te]
verboseEnable verbose printouts. [default: False]
metareldirDirectory to metadata files. Relative to path. [default: 'meta']

Variable Documentation

◆ logger

qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)


qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.ROOT = ROOT[0]

◆ threads_per_task

int qualikiz_tools.qualikiz_io.qualikizrun.threads_per_task = 1